My Latest Purchase – LOST Encyclopedia

What all LOST fans have been waiting for! This encyclopedia is great for uncovering the secrets of the Island and everything else LOST.

The Official Encyclopedia that covers all things LOST.

 Yes, I was a LOST fanatic for the past 6 years and still enjoy uncovering the secrets of the Island and everything else LOST.  This encyclopedia was released about a month ago and I had a chance to peruse it at New York Comic-Con before it was released in stores. DK gave out sample books to whet my appetite until I could purchase it on my own. Needless to say, this book does not dissapoint! The LOST encyclopedia is huge and I imagine that it will take a couple of months, if not longer, to finish reading this from cover to cover. I do plan on re-watching LOST from start to finish sometime in the next 6 months, so this will be a great companion to have as I re-watch the series. So far from the couple of pages that I have read and the others that I have browsed, this book is worth purchasing – so go out and buy it!  I will post a follow up review once I have finished reading it, Namaste.

Author: Justin

I like to read, play basketball, and exercise. I am a big Star Wars fan and enjoy going to Star Wars Celebrations and Comic-Cons. I prefer DC over Marvel, but enjoy both.

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