About Random Angst

Welcome to the Random Angst home page. This site is a place to read thoughts and reviews of books, movies, comic books, TV shows, and other types of media. Since this is my site, I get to pick what I review. As a result you will see my likes and interests more so than a general sample of media. I try to be diverse, but tend to skew towards science fiction and fantasy types.

For those that are wondering, “What exactly is Angst and what does it mean?”. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia.com that I thought best described what angst is.

“Kierkegaard used the word Angest (in common Danish, angst, meaning “dread” or “anxiety”) to describe a profound and deep-seated spiritual condition of insecurity and fear in the free human being. Where the animal is a slave to its instincts but always conscious in its own actions, Kierkegaard believed that the freedom given to people leaves the human in a constant fear of failing his/her responsibilities to God. Kierkegaard’s concept of angst is considered to be an important stepping stone for 20th-century existentialism. While Kierkegaard’s feeling of angst is fear of actual responsibility to God, in modern use, angst was broadened by the later existentialists to include general frustration associated with the conflict between actual responsibilities to self, one’s principles, and others (possibly including God).” – Wikipedia