Who Are Random Angst?

Random Angst consists of avid book readers who want to share their thoughts on the books that they have read.  We enjoy reading and have a variety of different genres that we read.  We have our favorite genres, of course, but enjoy reading all types of stories – hence the Random in Random Angst.  This page serves as a list of staff members of RandomAngst.com and is a “get to know you” page.


I am Justin and have been reading as far back as I can remember. I can remember reading Greek mythology in 3rd grade and not being able to get enough of it. From there I moved on to the Chronicle of Narnia, the Prydain Chronicles, the Star Wars movie adaptations, the Han Solo Chronicles and The Hobbit. During my teens, I read mostly Fantasy with some Science Fiction.  I read The Belgariad, The Mallorean, The Shannara Trilogy, The Thomas Covenant series, the Thrawn Trilogy, etc.  Plus, I am a Star Wars nerd, so you will see the latest Star Wars novels reviewed here. 😉

I continued to read Fantasy, mostly, in college. After awhile the genre as a whole started to bore me and I had a hard time reading fantasy until a friend recommended The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, and my imagination once again was sparked and I was again reading for fun. This lead me to George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, which I loved (but hated because it’s still unfinished with no end in sight!).  I was introduced to the Dresden Files and the Alera Codex, thanks in part to my brother in law who whole heartedly recommended it to me.

In December 2006, me and fellow Angster, Jann, along with another friend; started up a book club to read to discuss in depth our favorite fantasy novels. We began meeting once a month to discuss and share our latest favorites and over a short period of time, the club grew in size. We started to include friends who weren’t interested in Sci-Fi or Fantasy, but liked to read. We began to read other selections that have since broadened our interests and I have enjoyed reading different novels.

Random Angst was born as a monthly book club and has now expanded into cyberspace with hopes that we will find others with the same interests who can join us in reading and reviewing our favorite novels. Thank you for checking us out and I hope that we can provide you with some good reviews to help expand your reading interests.

Justin can be reached at justin@randomangst.com.


Hi, I’m Jann. Welcome to Random Angst. Webster’s describes angst as a feeling of anxiety. I love reading, but many times have great
angst at my book selections. My book club has members that are very diverse and who’s interest vary greatly. So, it’s never boring, but at times there is a great randomness and great angst involved. Most months I read at least three to four books, but other times I can pound away two to three a week. I’m mostly a verbal processor so I’m at my best in discussing a book rather then writing about one. So, I beg your tolerance in my writing and patience in getting my thoughts on paper.

Helen Keller once said, “Once I knew only darkness and stillness. My life was without past or future. But a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness and my heart leaped to the rapture of living.”  Words were the vehicle that brought understanding to the world Ms. Keller lived in, and brought her meaning and life. I believe that words are what bring reality to existence in our lives. I love books because they open the door to realities that I never would have known or comprehended. I love too, when books have gems of truth to them that ring true to me.

I read a wide variety of books, but mostly urban fantasy/fantasy books. I love fiction books more then non-fiction books, but love to watch documentaries…go figure, I still don’t know why. Though I did love the book on John Adams. I love books with resolution, and hate the ones that leave you just hanging. Like the parable of the lady and the tiger, I hate it when it ends with you not knowing. That to me is the ultimate angst. I need resolution. Just a warning, I am mostly not girly in my readings, but I do have girly guilty pleasure readings, I know go figure with that too. Just saying, because I know it drives the women of my book club crazy. They cause me angst in their book selections and I cause them angst back. We share it all around. And we won’t even get into the hubbub of when I wanted the club to read a Steampunk book. Welcome to the club…make your self comfortable…it’s quite the ride.

Jann can be reached at jann@randomangst.com.



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