Book Review and Ratings Guidelines

All Books reviewed by Random Angst will also be rated on a scale of 0-3 based on certain criteria. The story will be rated on the Characterization and the Plot,  and will also be given an overall rating. 

The Story’s Content will be rated based on the levels of Profanity, Vioence and Sexual Content.  We will not be passing judgement on the story’s content, but will be objectively noting what is included in the story.  This will give the prospective reader an idea of whether or not they would like to read this story themselves.

We will be assessing the level of angst in the story and how pertinent it is to the story. The reviewer will also compare the story to other books read, so that if interested the reader may determine if they would like to read similar books. This will also point the reader in the right direction to pursue similar stories that they may enjoy.

Check out the ratings and guidelines in the drop down menu above.


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