Content Rating Guidelines

Content Ratings 


0 – None

1 – Mild and infrequent profanity, use of slang words.

2 – More frequent profanity. The language blends into the storyline and doesn’t stand out.  There is some occasional crude language.  There may be an “F” word or two.

3 – The use of profanity in the story is pervasive and is used in a harsh way to get your attention. There is also frequent use of crude language.


0 – None

1 – Violence exists in some form in the story.  The violence is described briefly and without much detail. There is an on screen retelling of an off screen incident.  The violence happens to minor characters that are not prevalent in the story and results in little emotional impact. There is a mention of rape or abuse.

2 – Violent scenes are described in detail. There is a description of rape or abuse without the actual instance happening on screen. The violence happens to the main characters to whom the reader may feel connected to, possibly leading to a greater emotional impact.

3 – There are violent scenes being described in length or in graphic detail. The violent scenes involve rape, abuse or torture.  There are abundant scenes of violence.

Sexual Content

0 – None

1 – There is implied sex or short sensual scenes without much description

2 – There are more descriptive sex scenes describing nudity but not the act of sex.  The sexual scene described is relationship based rather than violence based.  There are crude sexual references.

3 – There are explicit sex scenes describing the sexual act. There are extensive crude sexual references. There are rape and/or abuse scenes.


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