Novel Rating Guidelines

Rating the Novel 


0 – The characters in the story are poorly developed.  The characters are described in a way which takes the reader out of the story or leads to disinterest in the novel.

1 – There is decent characterization. Meaning that the characters are likeable and there is some emotional interest in the characters.

2 – There is good characterization.  The characters are believable, the reader can relate to them and their actions.  This can lead the reader to form a basic emotional understanding with the characters.

3 – There is excellent characterization. The characters have the potential to establish a strong emotional influence with the reader. 


0 – The plot is poorly developed with one or more holes.  There are plot lines that are presented but then never followed through to resolution.  The plot, due to it’s poor construction, fails to catch the reader’s interest.

1 – The story’s plot is respectable.  The plot holds together well and is somewhat interesting.

2 – There is a good plot with a couple of surprises.  These plots are usually more intricate and hold up well under scrutiny.

3 – There is an excellent plot that is well thought out and is unusually complex. The plot is tightly written and well constructed.


0 – Not worth your valuable reading time

1 – Not perfect, but it is a decent read if you don’t have anything else going on.

2 – A good book, worthy of your reading time.

3  – Put the kids to bed now and turn off the TV.  You must read this book!


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